Yes, You Need Plastic Cord Covers

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or in the office, plastic cord covers are one of the basic necessities of the electronic age. From single channel plastic cord protectors to heavy duty plastic cable covers, Electriduct carries the selection you need to keep any situation covered. Manufactured with highly durable plastic, plastic cord covers don’t just protect your cables and wiring, they go a long way toward preventing slip and fall accidents and maintaining industrial safety specifications.

The practical side of plastic cord covers is obvious, but the aesthetic benefits are worth consideration as well. Uncovered cables, wiring and cords make for an extremely unappealing and unattractive appearance. You need plastic cable covers that not only protect your equipment, but match up with the decor of the room where they’ll be used. Electriduct understands this, and offers a wide selection of colors and patterns in plastic cord protectors designed to blend into the room and make the path of the cords virtually invisible. Choose from modern finishes like wood grains, terracotta and the basic color options like brown, black and gray…even transparent! If you have a large group of cables and wiring, Electriduct has extra large plastic cord covers that are so stout that they can be used as bumpers in the marine and automotive industries.

No matter what your plastic cord cover needs, the need for value reigns supreme. Electriduct’s catalog of plastic cable covers offers affordability on top name brands like ChordSavers, SideWinder and Wiremold that is just as impressive as the plastic cord protectors themselves. Keeping your living or work space neat, organized and safe has never been so easy. Check out our full line of plastic cord covers, and you’ll see for yourself why Electriduct is the industry leader in cable management systems. We combine cutting edge products with great prices and world class customer service, to ensure that your satisfaction is as well covered as your cords and wires. If you need any assistance, or simply have a product question, you can call us any time at our toll-free number, 866-673-9590, and let our highly trained and courteous service staff help make your shopping experience as enjoyable as it gets.

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