Untangle Yourself & Enjoy Technology the Right Way

You’ve seen it… the “beauty” that is a pile of new-tech cables, fresh out of the package and ready to make your life simpler — and yet, so messy. All of the new-tech toys are often plug-and-play, which means you’re ready to enjoy just moments after pulling them out of the box. Unfortunately this could result in a pile of cables strewn everywhere — keeping you from enjoying that first glimpse of HD-wi-fi-cloud-nine technology.

Sometimes it’s the issue of too few outlets available than the number of cords, plus with each item being plugged into walls, computers, monitors, fans, etc., this pile of beautiful technology soon becomes akin to a nest that a pile of messy New York rats will build.

Organizing your technology can only truly begin in its most efficient way after the physical objects themselves become organized. These cords can create a huge mess! Luckily, we have solutions being offered to fix this very problem. There are web sites out there that are specifically made for this use. Cable protectors are available to keep your cords nice and organized and protected from themselves and things such as heat. Cable protectors that offer heat shrink tubing are available out there in the world, and with so many cords running so much power, these protectors are becoming a necessity in setting up any technology that requires a lot of cords and power.

Another way to organize your piles of cords is by coloration. There are places and web sites out there that offer solutions to organizing your cords via coloration choices, making it easy for you to see which cord is supposed to go where, where each cord comes from, and their uses. Along with this, you can purchase shields and covers that come with the goal of keeping your cords protected from outside forces, something essential if you are doing a set up in a place that has a pet such as cats. These cord covers and shields come in an plethora of different colorings and finishes including wood grain coloration or even terracotta, making your home office or any other type of set up match the furniture and fit in perfectly with your decor, aiding your set up and not detracting any from the beauty of the location in which you are installing this equipment. Other items that you can purchase for the decoration and organization of your many wires in plastic cable covers, rubber duct coverings for your cords, cable protectors, power extensions, and other types of cord protectors.

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