Universal Desk Power Centers – AC Power & USB

We are going to present you a new product which will easily replace your former power strip.

Let’s talk about our good old power strip. Always overloaded, they are mandatory in an office where the connected devices are legion. Because between the computer, the fan and the phone, one electrical receptacle is not enough. The problem with these power strips is so overwhelming.

PDC-SWThe product presented in this article allows to be easily incorporated into the desk, it adapts itself to customer’s need, it’s useful and esthetic.
Useful because it replaces the standard power strip and esthetic because with a sober design, it becomes a full element of the office.

The product is available with three different mounting options and thus adapts itself to every type of use. Finally thanks to these 2 USB charging ports it’s multi-use.

If you are looking for a simple and effective solution, this is the right product.

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