The Many Dimensions of Heat Shrink Tubing


From do it yourself warriors to master electricians, heat shrink tubing has the versatility to handle a variety of tasks. The durability and insulation that heat shrink tubing offers makes it the ideal choice for repairs in the electrical field. heat shrink blogFor the home hobbyist, the imagination is the only limit to the out of the box uses for this product. With only a few basic tools, substantial savings are to be had when repairs can be made to your equipment with the help of heat shrink tubing.The only additional tool that an electrician needs to use heat shrink tubing is a heat gun. The heat gun expels a stream of heated air that allows for the controlled contraction of the tubing. The temperature is suitable for shrinkage while not affecting the integrity of the insulation of the wire or cable being mended.Many environmental factors can damage an electrical cable. Issues can range from a simple nick in the insulation to the failure of the cable due to burnt or broken wires. In the midst of a lengthy run, the damage to the cable would mean replacement if not for heat shrink tubing. Repairs can be effected and the insulation of each wire and the entire cable itself is restored to a suitable level of protection.

A number of other applications in the electrical field are possible with shrink tubing. An additional form a strain relief is possible by augmenting strength at points where flexing is a concern. The many available colors of the tubing aid in organizing cables and can serve as a visual aid for cable identification.

Many around the house uses can be found for shrink tubing. The repair of grips for channel locks can be done with heat shrink tubing. Screwdriver shafts can be insulated. Vacuum hoses can be repaired so that good suction can be maintained. A myriad of uses for the garage are possible. The only limitation is the imagination that one has.

Functionality is a key element in the tools and supplies a person has on hand. Heat shrink tubing is an excellent resource for its intended purpose. That it has the flexibility to be used in a great many other applications is a bonus. Every technician should consider adding shrink tubing to the materials kept on hand because of the innumerable uses it can be put to.

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