Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas!

If your significant other is really interested  in electronics, then these following products may be the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts! Hope this helps you get out of the dog house this year!

For HER:

1.  If she travels a lot, the Belkin Mini Surge Protector is perfect for her to charge laptop batteries, cell phones, iPads, etc. Includes three AC outlets with two USB charging ports. Perfect travel size to fit into her purse.

Mini-Surge Protector

2. If she is big into decorating, then Electriduct’s Wood Grain Contact Paper is perfect for easily  covering walls, cabinets or cable protectors to have a professional wood finish look.

Contact Paper

3. If she has a lot of bathroom appliances such as straightners, curling irons  or hair dryers, this Powramid Surge Protector is perfect for plugging in those appliances with large plugs.

Powramid Surge Protector

For HIM:

Protect his expensive Home Theater equipment with the following Surge Protectors:

1. Home Theater Surge Protector Multi-Colored Outlets

Home and Theater Surge Protector

Great for plugging in your home entertainment equipment such as speakers, televisions, lights, gaming consoles, etc. Home theater surge protector comes with a total of 10 AC outlets: 8 regular and 2 transformer outlets. Each outlet has a distinctive color for high visibility and organization. Attached to the home theater power strip adapter is a 10 foot cord to connect to distant properly grounded outlets.

2. PowerSquid Calamari Home Theater Surge Protector

PowerSquid Surge Protector

One of the most sophisticated and power appliances in the market, it comes equipped with a fail-safe circuit and audible alarm that provide advanced protection should there be a severe power surge. It features 3,000 joule rating, and 8 foot grounded power cord, high frequency capacitor filters for EMI/RFI noise filtration up to 58dB, 2 neon indicator plugs to illuminate outlet area, a swiveling flat profile plug that rotates 360°, and a shielded gas tube coaxial cable protection with gold plated connectors provides reliability and reduces signal loss. This unique surge protector has the patent # 6486407. With its flexibility, reach, and room for adapter plugs make this surge protector the perfect addition to any home theater setup or computer use.

3. Computer Work Bench with Full Bottom Shelf

The Kendall Howard Performance Work Bench is a high-quality, adaptable computer work station. Its completely modular system allows you to design a computer workbench layout according to your needs.

Computer Work Bench

4. Cord Organizers for headphones and for phone charger cords.

Cable Turtle Organizer

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