Just In! 2″ Metal Desk Grommets!

Many customers have been asking for these 2″ grommets (the most common desk grommet size) instead of 2.5″ grommets! We have finally started production on these incredible cable organizer and currently have plenty in stock!

Fashionable way to cover cable holes in your desk! These multi-colored desk grommets look extremely high-end and professional when placed on an office table with a glass top.

Made with smooth metal to help protect your cables from abrading due to rough and sharp edges, these desk grommets have a low profile design and ideal for press fitting or gluing. Instead of their plastic counterparts, these metal grommets are made out of zinc and sprayed with durable paint; in stylish black, gold or silver.

Electriduct currently offers free shipping with these 2″ Metal Desk Grommets! Hurry before this incredible offer ends.

2 Inch Metal Desk Grommets

2 Inch Metal Desk Grommets

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