Introducing the NEW Heavy Duty ‘Rubber’ Cable Protector…

RPS NEW Rubber HD Cable ProtectorElectriduct has recently introduced a New ‘RUBBER’ Heavy Duty Cable Ramp from Rage Power Sports. Boasting a  load capacity of 18,000lbs per axle. This product is one of the first that actually competes with the most popular polyurethane style heavy duty cable ramps/protectors. Yellow Jacket’s Bumble Bee, Cable Guard, the Hawk, the Linebacker and Guard Dog are just some of the leading polyurethane heavy duty cable ramps sold around the world today! What makes all of these heavy duty ramps so special is the massive load capacity they can endure while offering 360 degrees of cable protection. This makes protecting valuable cables on oil rigs, 18 wheelers, construction sites and even in your own garage extremely manageable. 

 CR900 DimensionsA few more highlights that make this new rubber cable protector so appealing: 5 channels each 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ , maximum traction from the diamond tread surface, 4 mounting holes for permanent applications, piano style hinges also which prevents rust and corrosion and safety warning symbols etched into the top of the mold.

If you are looking for a heavy duty cable portector that can handle the max weight but have a tight budget- these are the cable protectors for you!!!

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    The info on this site is handy.

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