Fire Rated Cable Management Products

    Fire rated cable management products come in a variety of applications and offer many advantages. One of the most popular is Abesco FP200 Fire Rated Expanding Foam which is available in both 10 oz and 24 oz cans. This product  is made of polyurethane expanding foam and is great for insulating and sealing gaps and crevices on fire rated floors and walls. Abesco’s FP200 foam boasts these fire protection specs and test ratings:

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Fire Safety


  • 2 hour fire resistant  – ASTM E-814  
  • 4 hour fire resistance BS476 part 20.
  • Temperature resistance: -40 to +210F
  • Flammability class: B1 according to DIN 4102, part 1

  Another very popular fire rated cable management product is the Fire Barrier IC 15WB Sealant by 3M. This intumescent product is capable of expanding at least 2 times at 1000°F which provides an air tight seal preventing any water, fire or toxic gases from seeping through.  The Fire Barrier IC 15WB Sealant is thixotropic and endothermic too. This means the product will solidify and absorbs heat so it is great for fire safe over head applications.   This product is also water based for easy clean up and is commonly used in many applications such as HVAC vents and ducts, wall construction joints, small openings and both metallic and non-metallic pipping to mention a few. Fire protection specs and test ratings: Meets ASTM 84 (UL 723) and ASTM E 1966(UL2079) standards; ASTM E 814 fire tested; Halogen-free.


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Flame Rated Cable Spray

         STI SpecSeal® Series CS Cable Spray is another great fire rated product used as a common protectant against the spread of fire . This latex-coated spray adheres to most cable materials and is water based for easy clean up.  It also contains no solvents or asbestos and is non-halogenated. Due to the high concentration of solids this product boasts it offers the best coverage rate of any of its competitors!


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Fire Rated Putty


       Nelson FSP Firestop Putty  requires no additional mixing and is a blend of inorganic and organic  in-tumescent materials. When this putty is heated it expands to seal any gaps which will prevent exposure to flames or/and smoke. The installation temperature is 40°F (4°C) to 110°F (43°C) and the activation temperature  is  500°F (260°C) Max. This putty will never harden so it can be re-used as your cable management needs change.


Fire Barrier Pillows

Fire Barrier Pillows

       Lastly the Fire Barrier Pillows by 3M are also a very effective way to provide a barricade against smoke and fire in walls, floors ceilings and most other applications. The 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillow expands when heated to press together . This forms a seal and a fire-rated divider. Fire protection specs and test ratings: UL 910 flammability tested (3 hour fire rating by Underwriters Laboratory); UL Listed systems up to 540 sp. in. opening; ASTM 814 (UL1479) tested; Designed to meet NEC, NFPA, SBCCI, BOCA and ICBO building codes.


     Fire rated cable management products come in various types for all applications. I hope this blog helps all of you out there looking for fire rated materials for your residential or/and commercial projects. Stay tuned for more helpful information relating to additional cable management products and applications!

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  1. SARAH B.
    February 24, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    My husband and I own a hardware store in central FL. Recently we have had a few customers inquire about fire safe products so I went online to see whats out there. This blog is very imformative and I recognize most of the brands mentioned too. Thank you for the info.- Sarah B.

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