Fire Protection & Wire Management Go Hand In Hand

Fire protection devices are those systems or equipment designed to prevent or minimize the damaging effects of fire. Many people lose their lives from fire that could be prevented if fire protection systems were installed. Fire protection devices save lives and protect property. There are several different types of systems available that are designed to protect against fire.

The Wet Fire Sprinkler

This fire protection system is the system most often used for protection against fire. This system is simple, and features a sprinkler. Some of them are equipped with automatic alarm valve. Extremely high heat causes the heat sensitive element in the sprinkler to retract, and this allows water to be ejected from the sprinkler. Fire sprinkler systems are available in two types. There is one that is continuously pressurized and another that supplies water as needed. The sprinkler system that has pressurized water requires to be drained and refilled regularly, otherwise the water can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Another thing to keep in mind about this type of sprinkler system is that the water can freeze and break the pipes.

The Dry Pipe

This system is used in cold areas. The dry pipe system does not need to contain or store water. This is installed in areas that do not have heating, and these include places like attics and parking garages. Water is only put in the pipes when the system is turned on if there is a fire. This type of system is also installed in areas that have valuables that can be damaged by water. In this system, the piping system is filled with pressurized nitrogen or oxygen instead of water and it is released when the sprinklers are in operation, allowing the water pressure to open a dry pipe valve so that water can flow out of the sprinklers.

Fire Extinguishers

These help occupants of a building to escape during a fire. People trapped in a building can spray the material from the fire extinguisher, which cools the fire. There are several different types of fire extinguishers designed to extinguish different fires. These fire extinguishers cannot completely. These extinguishers work by allowing people to escape, and will quickly run out of fuel.

Fireproofing Materials

Fireproofing materials are used on some buildings. These materials resist combustion, protecting the building from burning during a fire. Fireproofing materials are either foam or fiber materials, including cellulose fibers, fiberglass, glass wood, polymeric materials and ceramic material. These materials are not good heat conductors and will only degrade if heated at high temperatures.

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