Electriduct Product Review: Powramid

As most people nowadays know, surge protectors are an essential piece of equipment to guard valuable powramid-in-useelectronic equipment from damaging power currents. In addition to protection, the availability of multiple A/C outlets on surge protectors is also a feature that many modern-day folks have come to rely on. Between computers, monitors, printers, phone chargers, music players, etcetera, 2 outlets on a standard single gang receptacle are simply not an option anymore. Unfortunately, bulky sizes of common A/C adapters often prevent all desired plugs from fitting in a standard horizontal power strip. This common problem is easily solved, however, with the one-a-kind design of Kreative Power’s Powramid surge protector.

Unlike traditional surge protectors, the Powramid has a conical design that provides powramidsufficient space for 6 plugs of any size to all fit in securely at the same time. That is a full 360 degrees of power! No more worry of blocking an available outlet with an oversized adapter. Plus, more than just its convenient use as a multi-outlet strip, the Powramid still maintains the practical functionality of a surge protector (that’s essential, remember?). It also available in either black or white colors.

Another great feature I love on the Powramid is its practical, cap-covered power switch. On the peak on the product’s pyramid shape, sits a glowing LED-lit switch that easily displays whether the surge protector is on and functioning. And the clear plastic cap that covers it is perfect for preventing accidental trips of the power switch. After all, what is the point of having a surge protector if you can’t tell when it’s working?

Kreative Power’s Powramid has multi-purpose applications, too. Besides use for the personal home theatre or office, I recently came across an excellent example of the product in – of all places – the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. powramid-at-g20The accommodating size and practicality of the these units proved an excellent fit for the rows of reporters and politicians that required portable electrical power stations for their laptops and other electronics. It made me think of how perfect a round power strip like the Powramid would work in other locations where several people require easy access to electricity for their equipment. This is an increasing concern for other convention areas, conference rooms, classrooms, and similar group facilities.

On a personal note, I am proud to admit Fort Lauderdale’s own Electriduct office has confiscated a Powramid product for use in our company break room. There used to be an annoying problem with the power breaker powramid-in-break-roomsurging if an employee decided to use the bread toaster in conjunction with any other electronic appliance in the room. This meant our entire suite going black if one person accidentally forgot to toast their bread and microwave chicken nuggets at once, for example. Since adding the cute black pyramid-shaped surge protector to our office kitchen though, anyone is now able to freely use the toaster along with any of the several other tools to choose from (George Foreman grill, microwave, Bullet blender, or other). Trust me; the office is a much nicer place this way.

I know there are a ton of different power distribution products out powramid-partsthere on the market today. Lots of great ones at that, I might add! I would be lying if I didn’t say that the new Powramid was an amazing stand-out competitor, though. Electriduct’s warehouse manager, Kevin, is another personal example I can cite to the persuasive charm of this particular surge protector. It is high-tech, safe, reliable, stylish, unique, innovative, as well as reasonably priced. A great new addition to the Electriduct product catalog!

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    surge protectors are really needed for home appliances and PC~,*

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