Cable Protectors: Standard vs. Drop Over

Cable protectors are products made from durable material (like rubber or polyurethane) that are designed to shield valuable cords, wires, and hoses from damage caused by heavy traffic or other possibly harsh environmental conditions. When deciding which type of cable protector will best fit a particular need, people often debate between the standard and drop over style covers. Let us look at some of the differences and benefits of these two options.


Drop Over Cable Protector

A standard cord cover has either slits to feed wires through or a lid that closes over top of them. A drop over, on the other hand, does exactly as the name implies and is placed directly over the cables being protected. Drop overs are especially useful in applications where a hose or conduit is already fixed to a surface or may be too difficult to move.

One of the best benefits of a drop over is its so-simple “drop and go” installation. Some individuals also choose drop overs when they are looking to avoid the hassle of unplugging a cord in order to feed it through a standard slotted cable protector.

Hinged-Lid Cable Protector

Hinged-Lid Cable Protector

However, a drop over cable protector is not always the best option for every person or situation. Because the cable in a drop over remains physically exposed to the ground, a standard-style cover may be better for use in some outdoor applications or when a wire should not have any contact to the ground. Of course, simple aesthetics can also be a determining factor between standard and drop over cable protectors. Some people just prefer the look of a standard, hinged-lid cord cover.

Whatever the reason behind choosing a standard or drop over cable protector, one thing is certain: Any style cord cover will provide more safety to equipment than having no cover at all. Although each style of product has its own unique advantages, they still all provide the upmost levels of protection.

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