Cable Protectors and Modern Technology


Industrial machine technologies and improvements are growing at a faster rate today than ever before. The need to stay current and competitive is ever more important in the fast paced production environment, and as a result new and more efficient machinery is constantly replacing older, outdated equipment. Consequently power supplies and communications cables and wires have to be updated as well. One result of these trends is a need for new ideas and products for cable and wire management for increasingly complex data networks, and for protecting these crucial links in the interest of both machine and employee safety.Modern materials and manufacturing processes have provided an entire new generation of cable trays, looms, raceways, and conduits. The limited selection of bulky metal trays is as outdated as the machines being replaced, and sleek, lightweight, and versatile new products are available today. Some manufacturers and supply companies now focus exclusively on this much needed and very diverse market; not only for industrial applications, but for warehouses, small businesses, and homeowners as well.

Cable management is necessary anywhere communication or power cords and wires are in close proximity to, or crossing, traffic areas. Traffic may be foot traffic from people, or vehicles such as fork trucks or automobiles. Modular tray systems constructed of polyurethane are one good choice for these areas. They are lightweight and durable, with load capacities up to 32,000 pounds, and expandable in order to accommodate many different needs. Trays can have either flush sides for placing against walls, or ramps for wheeled traffic crossing.

Sometimes machines and equipment are temporary or need to be moved often. For these situations, consider drop over cable protectors. Constructed of polyethylene with several channels available, these cable protectors are durable and versatile, and can keep several cords and wires neatly organized. When it’s time to move, simply pick them up and take them to the next job. Quick, easy, and cost effective, these cable protectors are ideal for many construction or mobile machine applications.

These are just a couple of examples of the large variety of cable management systems available today. With so many choices and with budgets large and small, it is a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable, full service company specializing in the field of cable protection. Whether an industrial manufacturer or a homeowner with simple needs, a good specialty company will be your one stop shop for all your cable protector needs.

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