Cable Management: The Finishing Touch

We all have a rat’s nest of tangled wires somewhere; usually under our computer desk or behind the TV stand… It’s unsightly and usually hidden behind furniture where it becomes an obstacle course for the vacuum cleaner.

The first step is to decide what solution (or combination of solutions) you will use to organize all those wires. Some wires will need to be moved occasionally while others can be more permanently mounted.

Next, pick a strategy that makes sense for your installation. Wires can grouped together by type, function or device depending on your needs. Things like laptop power supply cords and other charger cables will probably need to be moved often so, take that into consideration.

There are lots of products out there designed to help you manage that ugly tangle of wire. Zip ties are probably the most common but not always the right solution. Zip ties are usually a semi-permanent solution, if you have to move the cable again, the ties will have to be cut. Wire loom is a more accommodating alternative to zip ties. Wire loom is a flexible plastic tube that is split lengthwise so wires and cables can be easily slipped in and out, and still be accessible.

Another product, a wire tray or gutter, is attached to the back edge of a desktop. Cables and power cords lay neatly in the tray, hidden and off the floor.

Once all of your cables are neatly organized they will be more difficult to identify so, labeling or color coding them at one or both ends will save time and frustration later.

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