Bahamian Cable Management

Behold  Bahamian Cable Management in its finest sophistication!

Bahamian Cable Management


  My friends and I took a fantastic weekend cruise over to the Bahamas last month. It was so much fun .We were so excited to visit Nassau and have some fun in the sun for a day.

As we stepped off the boat in the Bahamian port of Nassua low and behold what did my eyes gaze upon??….

Could it be the simplest form of cable management I have ever seen??

A simple  wooden ‘X’ painted light blue to match the color of their beautiful Bahamian ocean water. This 10 inch wooden X holds the water hose up off the ground while the huge cruise ship is in port. Pretty simple, cost effective , easy to replace and supremely functional.

Bravo Bahamians, Bravo!!

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