About Electriduct

Electriduct is a wire management and cable protection “E-tail” company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Electriduct supplies products to those who are concerned about protecting their electronic google + duckequipment investments and also worried about the costs of workplace safety. This is achieved by offering high quality and reasonably priced solutions such as cord covers, cable raceway, wire loom, power distribution, braided sleeving, and more.

The company was first founded in 1955 in Casper, Wyoming and specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of ‘rubber duct’ cable protectors. Upon purchase by current ownership in 2006, Electriduct’s headquarters was moved to sunny South Florida.

Electriduct designs, manufactures and distributes all types of wire management products, such as, rubber duct cord covers, plastic cord covers, polyurethane cable protectors, flat power extension cords, and drop-over design cable protectors.

From the most common light duty plastic cord cover found at home or in the office to the heavy-duty cable protector found at army camps, carnivals, sporting events, and construction sites, Electriduct can help anyone with their cable management decisions.

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